Stuffed Tiger Goes Missing – And Has An Adventure Of His Own!!

Posted by GreaterGoodness

Hobbes is a handmade stuffed tiger – based on the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip – and as stuffed animals go, he is both well-traveled and well-loved. He and his best friend, 6-year-old Owen Lake, had planned a trip to Houston, Texas, accompanied by Lake’s family. All went according to plan until the pair became separated at Tampa International Airport. After landing in Houston, Lake’s mom placed a frantic call to the Tampa airport’s lost and found. Airport Operations Center manager Tony D’Aiuto then had an idea. He assured her that while the family was away, Hobbes would have a vacation of his own. Here are a few of the pictures showing the fun time Hobbes had while Owen was away:

Hanging with the loading crew!


I get to visit the control tower!!

The safety crew let me ride in their truck!!

Hey! There’s a broken toilet! Let’s get it fixed!!

Owen is back! I get to show him all the fun things I did! I can’t wait to come back! Thanks, TPA!!

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