After Seeing A Homeless Woman Sleeping On The Street This Man Stepped Up!

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It looks like the tiny house movement is becoming more than just trendy eco-living. After Elvis Summers, a Los Angeles resident, saw a 60-year-old homeless woman sleeping in the dirt near his home he decided to do something. He took $500 of his own money and built a tiny, mobile house for her.

Known around the neighborhood simply as Smokey, Irene McGee collects recycling as a way to get by but often finds shelter wherever possible. But now, thanks to this man she doesn’t have to worry about finding shelter.

The one draw back is that Irene will have to move the tiny home every three days to comply with city regulations. But thankfully, Elvis has agreed to help with that too. See the original story here.

A man saw a woman sleeping in the dirt outside his house…so he built her a place to live <3Find your Perfect Prize Candle Match by taking this fun quiz: 🙂

Posted by Prize Candle on Thursday, April 30, 2015

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