The Tiny Houses These Friends Built In The Texas Wilderness Will Amaze You!

Posted by GreaterGoodness

Four couples who have been friends for over 20 years decided they’d had enough of the city life. They didn’t want the “business of life” to get in the way of their special connection. They were all fans of the tiny house movement, so they decided to build their own “tiny” community in the Texas wilderness. And the architecture is nothing short of amazing.

Get the full house tour below!

They hired a local architect to design the project.


The land they bought is along the Llano River outside of Austin.


Originally, they were going to build one big house, but (luckily, according to them) decided on separate homes.

Even the best of friends need some alone time!


They did decide to add a “community center” that was a bit bigger with a kitchen and dining area where they could meet or house guests.


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