What If Your 5-Year-Old Daughter Wanted To Be A Boy?

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When Mimi and Joe Lemay’s third child was born in 2010, they were overjoyed to learn it was a girl. But it wasn’t long before they realized she wasn’t happy in her skin.

They assumed it was a phase and hoped her “obsession with being a boy would go away.” But it only grew stronger.

Hear about the moment they decided to transition their five-year-old daughter from Mimi to Jacob, and the lessons they’ve learned in love and acceptance along the way. These parents are an inspiration!

When Mimi and Joe Lemay’s baby was born in 2010, they heard the three words every parent waits to hear: “It’s a girl.” But by age two, their child was saying “I’m a boy.” Mimi hoped this “obsession with being a boy would go away,” but it only grew stronger. Now, in a rare and candid interview, they share in their own words why they decided to let their five-year-old transgender son Jacob transition and live publicly as a boy.

Posted by NBC Nightly News on Monday, April 20, 2015

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