8 Twitter Accounts That Will Repeatedly Make Your Day

Posted by GreaterGoodness

Stuck in a mid-afternoon slump? Not to worry! Let Twitter be your savior.

These 8 quirky accounts are sure to give you the boost you need, one strange, wonderful tweet at a time. Read on to get a taste and start following ASAP!

8. Conan O’Brien, @ConanOBrien

Well known for his hilariously skeptical spin on current events, our man Conan doesn’t disappoint in tweet form. We love catching a glimpse of his deepest musings, like this one: “I wonder if sales of Butterball turkeys would be as high if they’d used the name MargarineOrb.” Valid.

2. Lord Voldemort, @Lord_Voldemort7

You’ve read the books and seen the movies, but if you aren’t following He Who Must Not Be Named on Twitter, you can’t quite call yourself a Harry Potter superfan. His witty commentary on all things pop culture is to die for…but hopefully not literally. Case in point: “Halloween costume idea: Dress normally and tell people you’re ‘a malfunctioning invisibility cloak.

1. Steve Martin, @SteveMartinToGo

It’s no surprise that seasoned funnyman Steve Martin knows how to compose a joke in 150 characters. Ever self-deprecating, he frequently pokes fun at his own celebrity, like this tweet in reference to his album’s listing on Amazon: “This five star review is posted on Amazon of “Love Has Come for You”: “Arrived promptly and well packaged.” And his photo-tweets are pretty great, too.

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