U2 Surprises Crowd With Secret Show on NYC Subway

Posted by GreaterGoodness

Grand Central Station travelers were treated to a surprise performance March 4 when U2 showed up in disguise and led the crowd in a sing-along of their 1988 hit “Angel of Harlem.”

Bono, The Edge, Larry Mullen… What an experience! Only in NYC!!!! #U2 #bono #theedge #larrymullen #tonightshow #jimmyfallon #nyc #grandcentral #livemusic

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Members of the band wore wigs and sunglasses, and drummer Larry Mullen Jr. even beat on upside down buckets. It was all very cool and very unexpected.

Rumor has it the show was a segment for an episode of “The Tonight Show,” because even Jimmy Fallon made an appearance!

See how it all went down!

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