Single Mom Returns Wallet Stuffed With $4K and Receives Incredible Surprise In Return

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A struggling single mom returned a stranger’s wallet containing $4,000 in cash — and received a brand new Ford Focus as a reward for her honesty. The California resident received the car from the owner of a local Ford dealership in Manteca after her good deed made local news. Starla Beltran found the wallet in the parking lot at her place of work, the Bagel Express Delicafe in Stockton. Beltran told ABC News that the wallet was so stuffed with cash it wouldn’t close.
The single mom didn’t deny that the money was tempting. She had a massive medical bill to pay after her son had a health scare. The young woman had recently lost her apartment and didn’t have a car, instead riding her skateboard to work and relying on lifts from friends and family.

Ultimately, Beltran realized that she couldn’t live with herself if she kept the money. “I slept on it, and the next day, I thought, what if it was me who lost that?” Beltran told ABC News. When she looked inside the wallet to find the owner’s identification, she saw that he lived just down the street.

The stranger turned out to be Tony Sumahit. When he answered the door and found Beltran holding the wallet, tears welled in his eyes. Sumahit had spent the evening before desperately searching his truck for it. He had planned to purchase a car with the cash and had spent a sleepless night worrying. Shocked and grateful, Sumahit thanked the young woman and gave her $300.

Beltran said that giving the cash back to its rightful owner gave her deep satisfaction. That, it seemed, was reward enough. Then reporters got wind of the story:

Local businessman Phil Waterford read about Beltran and was overcome with her honesty and kind spirit. He decided that he wanted to do something special for the young mom.

Waterford invited her to his annual Christmas Eve breakfast, a charity event hosted at his Ford dealership in Manteca. After telling the crowd of around 100 people about Beltran and her good deed, Waterford surprised her with a gift: a brand new Ford Focus.
Waterford also paid her son’s medical bills, relieving a big burden from Beltran’s shoulders.

Waterford started the charity event after his son received a pricey Sony Wii for Christmas and decided he’d rather give the gift to someone in need than keep it for himself. Inspired by his son, Waterford began the annual breakfast and toy giveaway.

The story of Waterford and Beltran shows how one act of selfless generosity can inspire others to help, creating a circle of goodness that ultimately comes back to giving individuals. Starla Beltran’s integrity touched the lives of those who heard her story and demonstrated how you can still help others even when your own chips are down. Start your own circle of goodness by getting inspired. Read these stories of courageous and selfless individuals who did the right thing.

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