She Won The Lottery, And Paid It Forward To A Homeless Stranger

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Single mom Sofia Andrade could have used the $200 she won playing the lottery to buy things to make her life more comfortable. For many, lottery winnings are used to splurge on items such as clothing and the latest electronic gadgets. Not Sofia.

When she saw a homeless Glenn Williams suffering outside in the cold, she knew exactly what to do with her winnings: help Glenn anyway she could. Glenn has been homeless and living on the streets of New Bedford for three years, and he was outside in the bitter cold panhandling on the same Saturday night that Andrade bought a scratch-off lottery ticket. Fresh from the excitement of winning $200 from that same ticket, Andrade got in her car and had reached a stop sign when she spotted Williams standing in the cold.

Instead of ignoring the homeless man, and driving away like many people do, Andrade called to the man.

After being called over to the stranger’s car, Williams was quickly overwhelmed at Andrade’s offer to buy him a cup of coffee at a nearby coffee shop. Her kind gesture brought him to tears, which continued to flow during the ride. Believing that her lottery winnings were meant for Williams and not her, Andrade took the additional steps of raising awareness about his plight on her Facebook page and setting up a Go Fund Me account so that others could help Willams get back on his feet. Donations, well-wishes and acts of kindness have poured in thanks to her efforts.So far, Williams has gotten a free haircut from a local barber, outdoor wear to help him stay warm and a sweet Valentine’s Day card from a child. Andrade even rented a hotel room for him after finding out that local shelters had no space, forcing him to survive in sub-zero temperatures.

His future is now much brighter, all because of a chance encounter with a kind lottery winner. Find out how other lottery winners gave back to those in need.

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