Thoughts Every Woman Has While Working Out

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Working-out1We all know that working out does amazing things for our health. According to the American Cancer Society, staying active and getting the heart pumping is one way you can reduce your risk of cancer.

For those of us who aren’t used to working out, there can be a lot of negative self-talk that prevents us from breaking that sweat, especially in public. Have you ever caught yourself saying things like:

  1. I’m too fat to workout.
  2. I’ll look out of place at a gym.
  3. There’s no point in working out, because I’m too far gone for it to benefit me.
  4. I’m too old for my workouts to make any difference.
  5. I don’t want people looking at me.

Most women hear their inner voices saying something like this to them every day they work out. Society has put immense pressure on women to have a perfect body without any effort. Unfortunately, that’s impossible.

Instead, try replacing those negative thoughts with positive ones, like:

  1. I’m doing this for me, because I deserve to be healthy.
  2. The endorphins I’m going to get from this are going to be amazing.
  3. Just a little work out is better than no workout.
  4. It’s never too late to improve my life and well being.
  5. People can look all they like, because I’m fabulous.

This inspiring ad by This Girl Can celebrates women of all ages and body types who are out there wiggling, jigging, and moving, proving that a happy, healthy person is way better than one living with judgement or shame.

So the next time you’re feeling discouraged from working out, just remember those positive thoughts and the great feeling you get from a workout well done. You deserve a happy, healthy you.

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