Music To Their Ears: 75-Year-Old Songbird Gives Back To Veterans

Posted by GreaterGoodness

Supporting those wounded in action is one very direct way of giving back to veterans. The Wounded Warrior Project focuses on raising awareness and providing the resources required to meet the needs of injured servicemen and their families.

Cecilia Rowell, a resident of Elma, New York has created a unique way of supporting this project: a Christmas-themed CD.
Cecilia recorded the CD in honor of her late husband, a Korean War veteran who was her personal hero.

Cecilia admits that the music helped her overcome the depression caused by the loss of her husband.
A few years after her husband’s death, she joined a band that helped her record the CD. She then distributed it in her local area along with a note imploring residents to visit the website listed on the CD and make a $5 donation towards the project.

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