Your Guide to Yoga Styles: What They’re Like and How To Choose One

Posted by GreaterGoodness

yoga cropped

Thinking about starting a yoga practice but not sure how to begin? A Google search will leave your head spinning — there are literally dozens of styles to choose from. How’s a person to know which is best? Allow us to clear things up!

Read on for the lowdown on the most popular yoga traditions, and tips for determining which one is right for you!


Vinyasa (pronounced vin-yah-suh) classes are known for their fluid, dynamic sequences of postures. Unlike more rigid styles that hold postures for a minute or more, vinyasa teachers choreograph smooth transitions from pose to pose, and often play music to keep the energy up. Classes will get your heart pumping, and no two are the same.

Good for you if:

  • you have a background in dance.
  • you prefer constant movement over longer-held postures.
  • you dislike routine.

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